We accept credit card payment, bank transfer, convenience store payment, PayPal payment.

Credit cards that can be used at this store are VISA, MASTER and AMEX. Payment is only in one lump sum. Other usage is subject to the terms and conditions of each credit member. Please check the statement of use of each card company for the statement of use.

After ordering the product, we will transfer it to the account indicated in the "Order Confirmation Email" email, and once the payment is confirmed, we will begin shipping the product.

We have a simple gift wrapping. If you wish, please fill in the remarks column when ordering and hope.

All products are free shipping.

Items in stock will be shipped within 3-5 business days after order is confirmed (after payment is confirmed). During Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, Golden Week, Bon Festival, and New Year holidays, shipping operations are suspended. Items that are not in stock will be shipped at the time indicated on each product page.

Products purchased at this store are delivered by Sagawa Express. * We do not accept requests for delivery of ordered products to sales offices or convenience store receiving services.

When opening domestic and international events, the price may differ from the online store price. Due to changes in raw material costs and shipping costs, prices of products on sale may change without notice. Please note.

In case of loss or damage during transportation For loss or damage during transportation, our store accepts returns and refunds. In the following cases, please contact our store immediately by e-mail. -If the product does not arrive even after the scheduled delivery time from the shipping completion notification For delivery trouble due to mistakes, we will guide you to return. Sorry to trouble you, but please contact us through the inquiry form. The store will bear the cost of returning it. However, please note that we cannot accept returns or refunds in the following cases. -If more than 3 days have passed since the product arrived. ・ When damage to the product such as scratches or dirt occurs after the product arrives. ・ If you have used the product at least once. -When the damaged photo of the product cannot be confirmed.

SHORT PANTS ・ LAVEC T-shirts (Thin / thin) ・ LAVEC T-shirts (Thick / thick) ・ CAMI DRESS ・ NO BUTTON POLO The above products are scheduled to be shipped at the end of July, and other products are scheduled to be shipped at the end of August. We are.