About Lavec.


We will announce loungewear made in Japan using original fabrics with an emphasis on functionality based on the concept of “telling love, living with love”. All products use fabrics developed uniquely (the skin surface is made of pile material). The concept of “transmit love and live with love” is based on the concept of “being at home and outside, relaxing and obedient both physically and mentally. I want you to do it “. We mainly develop clothes that can be worn in unisex, and we also have a large number of products that can be worn in colors and shapes as a partner and link coordinates. In addition, the gold tag, which is also the brand name tag, is on the left side closer to the heart, from the desire to relax more, to the outside so as not to touch the skin, and from the message that love is inside me Is attached to Based on the concept of “Show Love, Live Love”, we have released a line of made in Japan lounge wear that can be worn as comfy lounge clothes, or out of the house as everyday casual wear, with an emphasis on functionality. the entire lineup, we have developed our own original fabric (inner skin contact surface is a pile material) .The concept of “Show Love, Live Love” serves to remind us to be relaxed in both mind and body,

About Fabric

All LAVEC clothes have been developed for relaxation. We are developing with the same very soft fabric. If you cut it with scissors and use it, it will gradually settle down and calm down. Washing is a very easy-to-clean cloth, so we recommend a light push wash in lukewarm water. The shape is hard to collapse when you let it dry naturally on a hanger. Do not use a washing machine or a dryer in a course with strong friction because it is weak to friction and heat. In case of fraying, please cut with scissors from the root. Regarding the material, we developed different fabrics for the inner and outer surfaces, so as to realize the comfort of room wear, while retaining the design properties of casual everyday outer wear.It took about two and a half years of repeated fabirc development to pursue the right texture and functionality.We are committed to “made in Japan”, as all processes are carried out in Japan, from fabric development to sewing.We will spread the height of Japanese technology not only in Japan,